If you are looking for something custom made, you can commission an artwork from me.
Here are some key information on the process:

1. Enquiry

Reach me at to discuss the idea you have in mind for the drawing.
Let me know the details regarding your preferred colored palette, paper size and references.

2. Pricing

Pricing varies as it depends on your specific request for the artwork.
An exact quote will be given upon your enquiry.

For your reference, here is the average commission fee of a portrait of one person from the waist up:

SizeSingle color*Full color
9 × 12 in (approx. A4)250 USD350 USD
11 × 14 in (approx. A3)450 USD550 USD
14 × 27 in (approx. A2)850 USD950 USD

*Black and white in graphite or monochromatic in colored pencil

3. Payment

When you have reviewed the quote and agreed to greenlight the commission.  An invoice for a 50% deposit will be sent to confirm your order and compensate for the creation of the artwork. The remaining 50% is due when the artwork is complete.

Payment is to be made via PayPal only.

4. Revisions

Upon receipt of the deposit, thorough discussion regarding the look of the final artwork will take place. In particular, as for ideas and composition, including style and color references. Thumbnail sketches or mockups will be provided if required. Any majority revisions shall happen at this period before actual work begins.

Afterwards, when the piece is finished, minor tweaks can be made if necessary. Any requests that may result in redrawing, reflecting a new direction for the project or new conceptual idea will incur additional charges.

5. Packing & Shipping

Artworks will be wrapped in tissue paper and sandwiched between rigid boards to be shipped flat. A high-res quality scan of the piece will also be provided.

Delivery is from Vietnam via express delivery services such as FedEx, DHL or UPS. The most suitable company will be selected depending on your location.

The exact delivery cost will be provided for you to consider during enquiry.
Estimated shipping fee for your reference: to US, Canada, Europe: 60-70 USD; to Asia: 25-35 USD. Free shipping in Vietnam.

Shipping time is 10-14 days.

6. Cancellation

If you wish to cancel during the concept stage of the drawing, 30% of the total invoice will be charged instead of 50%.

Otherwise, all payments are non-refundable should cancellation occur during the making of the artwork.

7. Copyright

You are authorized to make use of the artwork in any non-commercial purposes. Ownership of the copyright of the artwork remains with me

︎︎︎ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me